Sell Side Advisory

We are also well positioned to assist our clients in preparing their businesses for sale, and thereafter identifying the optimal buyer and getting to closure with that buyer on terms that are optimal for our client.

The sale process begins with preparing the business for sale by, essentially, viewing the business as any seasoned buyer would and identifying ways to enhance the business in the eyes of prospective buyers, often at minimal cost.

We move quickly from there to researching who the optimal buyer for the business might likely be. Our networks and data bases and research tools are invaluable here.

Finally, we present the business as an acquisition opportunity to a select array of qualified prospective buyers and, in a carefully managed process, engineer a sale on optimal terms to the optimal buyer for the business.

Our collective experience closing numerous sale transactions involving a wide array of businesses puts us in a unique position to plan and engineer the optimal sale transaction for the business owner and his or her business.

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